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Wildlife Exclusion Services San Antonio

Wild animals around your home can cause problems and even be dangerous. They can chew up our plants and dig holes in our lawns. Worse, they can even get inside our homes. Sometimes they live there! The best way you can keep them out of your home for good: wildlife exclusion services from AAAC Wildlife Removal

Squirrel trying to get through a one-way door in San Antonio
Excluding wildlife from your home is the safest and most effective solution!
squirrel excluded from an attic in San Antonio

What is Wildlife Exclusion?

Exclusion is the process of sealing all animal entry points into your home or business so that they can’t get in again. It is much easier than trying to exclude wildlife yourself. Sealing all entrance points to your home or business at once can make it more manageable.

AAAC Wildlife Exclusion Services can provide a humane exclusion for any species of wildlife that could pose a danger to your home or business. We are experts in exclusion and can safely and effectively exclude your problem animals.

We can help if there are animals living underneath your house or inside your walls. We will seal up any entry points found by animals, including holes in floors or cement cracks around pipes.

How We Conduct Wildlife Control and Exclusion Services

Nuisance wildlife has somehow found a way into your home or business, and now you’re thinking about trapping them and – maybe even getting rid of them. But, trapping alone will not solve your problem. Although you may be able to eliminate the first infestation, if you don’t do wildlife exclusion, you can only wait for the next group to arrive. Here are some steps to stop the infestation cycle with animal exclusion techniques.

Find and seal all entry points:

We first look for all the possible access points animals might use. This includes holes in floors and cement cracks around pipes – basically, any place an animal could gain access to your home. This also includes roof flashing, roof shingles, and soffits. Next, we close off the access points. Sometimes we can achieve this by drilling metal or rubber grommets onto the hole. This also seals the area. We can also use wire mesh to cover holes. Next, cover your hole with a waterproof covering. It will keep it safe from the elements. Lastly, we need to wait and see if there are any other openings that could lead animals inside your building before sealing them off as well.

Exclude wildlife using a trap or one-way door

Top pest experts will find the main entrance wild animals use for entry to your home and business. We intentionally leave the hole open to allow us to use it to exclude your nuisance wildlife. Once we’ve identified it, we can use either a live trap or a one-way door.

squirrel excluded from an attic by a one way door in San Antonio

One-way doors: One-way doors are a great option for people who don’t want to kill an animal. These are specially designed doors that allow the animals to enter but not leave. To use one of these, we carefully open a hole in the door that is just big enough for the animal to fit through but too small to turn around and come back out of. Then, we place some bait on the other side of the opening and wait until the animal enters. It will be impossible for them to get out once they have moved towards it. They won’t be able to open the door from their side.

squirrel excluded stuck in a live cage trap in San Antonio

Live traps: Set traps near openings that could be used by animals to gain entry. We can lure the animals into our trap by placing them near these openings. Once an animal is inside the trap, it’s caught! In some cases, if we are trapping wildlife of a larger size such as raccoon or opossum, we might have to set up a cage trap. It is a wire mesh trapping device that keeps the animal inside. Then technicians from our wildlife removal firm will take it out of your home.

Popular Access Points for Animal Entry

A wildlife pest control specialist must examine all ways in which wildlife can enter your home. AAAC Wildlife Removal is very thorough, but here is a quick list of the most popular access points that animals use to get inside your home.

man on roof inspecting ridge vent in San Antonio

Ridge Vents

Bats typically enter attics through the ridge vent, which is a metal strip that runs along the edge of the roof. We can use a Ridge Guard to seal any vent openings. We can seal the vents and do a complete roof replacement to make your house animal-proof. If you have pictures of your roof, we will be able to give you a better idea of if your ridge vents are where the critters are getting in.

Picture of a gable vent in San Antonio

Gable Vents

Many homes have gable vents that allow squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife to get in. These vents can be screened or may have a small flap that is easily removed from the underside by an animal’s paw. Wire mesh can be used to secure the vents. We can also replace any rotted wood or damage that may have allowed the critters to enter.

man inspecting a dryer vent in San Antonio

Dryer Vents

Dryer vents can be a common entryway for rodents or birds. Rodents will often chew their way into your home using these vents if they find themselves migrating from one building to the next looking for food or shelter. Dryer vents provide enough airflow to keep them alive. Therefore, it is crucial that we seal the vents and secure any openings with metal mesh.

Birds enjoy dryer vents because of the warm airflow moving through them. You’ll notice an increase or decrease in your electricity bill as dryer vents are used by birds for access to their nesting space. Common vent guards are the best way to prevent this.

picture of a soffit vent in San Antonio


A damaged soffit is the perfect way for squirrels or raccoons into your attic. A professional wildlife removal service operator will replace any wood that has rotted and seal the openings using metal mesh or closures. Your soffit can look brand new again and the rodent family will be gone forever.

damage to home fascia in San Antonio


Wild animals also love the fascia on your house. If your roof has gutters, the fascia is what would be below the gutter. It’s a longboard that covers up any gap between where the roof begins and where your eaves begin. We secure the gaps with metal mesh and remove any rotted wood. Then, we cover it with a metal cover. This prevents wildlife from accessing this area.

Eaves on a house in San Antonio


Raccoons love getting into your home through the roof eaves. The edges of your roof that meet the sides of the house are called eaves. Our technicians can secure gaps with metal mesh for wildlife exclusion. We can also install special eaves protectors that will prevent animals from entering again.

raccoon on a chimney in San Antonio

The Chimney

The chimney is the most common entrance point for animals into a residence. If a critter is already inside, we can simply remove and replace chimney liners to get rid of the animal.

Squirrels, bats, and raccoons all love to find a cozy place inside the chimney. Due to venting and fire hazards, this is often a difficult access point to inspect. Flameless heat detection cameras are often used to locate animals’ hiding places. We can also remove old caps and remove the liner to replace them.

Cracked foundation in San Antonio

Cracks in the foundation

Foundation cracks are rodents’ favorite entry point. To stop rodents from entering your walls, we can repair foundation cracks using a cement filler compound. This type of repair not only prevents animals from entering but also improves the exterior appearance of your home.

Exposed pipe in San Antonio

Exposed pipes

All species of rodents just love to get inside the walls of your home using exposed pipes. It is best to cover any gaps with steel mesh to keep rodents out, then cover the pipe openings with a cap. This prevents animals and allows for air to flow freely throughout your home.

roof damage before and after in San Antonio

Wildlife Damage Repair Service

After your wildlife exclusion has been completed, you need to repair any damage caused by rodents or other pests. Wild animals will often make their doorway to your home bigger by chewing on it or scratching it with their claws. This can cause serious damage.

Our wildlife damage repair services rank high among pest control professionals. We have the contracting and carpentry experience needed to repair even the most complex forms of wildlife damage. We can replace damaged drywall, insulation, or wood either by ourselves or with a team. You can reduce the chance of future animal damage by having them repair your house quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about Wildlife Damage Repair

man inspecting an attic in San Antonio

Attic Restoration

Your attic may be the victim of a horrendous infestation that could leave it contaminated with urine, feces, and blood. This can leave your attic smelling bad and make it a good environment for mold growth. Our pest control professionals will replace any contaminated insulation using fresh materials that have been treated for moisture and odor. Our pest control specialists can also replace insulation that has been chewed or torn by rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels. We use heavy-duty staples to secure new material to your attic floor. Our attic restoration service will make attics look as good as new again!

Learn more about Attic Restoration

Wild Animal Pest Control

Exclusion is a humane way to control wildlife pests. Wildlife can be humanely captured or encouraged to flee, and then they are unable to return to your home once their holes have been closed. This article offers some insights into how professional wildlife exclusion companies can help solve problems caused by wild animals in your home. AAAC Wildlife Removal is available for expert advice on wildlife exclusion!

Jeremiah & Lacey Crampton

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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