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Bat Removal in San Antonio

Bats can bug you and cause real damage to your house, attic and insulation. Once they move inside, they tend to leave a HUGE mess of toxic guano that might put your family's health in jeopardy. TX Wildlife Control is an important step. Luckily, our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros of San Antonio are here to help you evict your bats, clean up the mess, and fix the damage. Bat control and removal must start as soon as you discover them hanging around. Call right now for an assessment!

Flying bat
Bats enter homes through unsealed cracks and vents

You might see the dark flicker of wings as a bat snatches a bug out of the air at night in San Antonio TX. But, if you start seeing wing beats often near your home or attic, you might have a bat infestation. Combine that with droppings found in your attic, grease stains at potential access points and the strange chirping noise, and you undoubtedly have at least one species of bat. It might be time to call a TX wildlife control company for bat removal services.

Wildlife Technician Holding a Bat in Front of a Wildlife Removal Truck
Wildlife Technician Holding a Bat in Front of a Wildlife Removal Truck

Bat Removal from Attics in San Antonio, TX 

It’s hard to picture a nicer area for a new bat infestation than in a cool, completely dry, temperature regulated attic, even in the Winter. Wild animals in San Antonio and TX at large have to contend with so much risk in nature, that a pleasant house like your own can be much better than a cave.

Bats love to locate little tiny holes that they can squeeze through. As soon as they’ve found a new a refuge, they’ll invite the whole colony in! That’s when they start to bug you! Before you know if you can have an entire family of TX bats hanging around in your rafters, eaves, soffits, chimney, and behind shutters. They will certainly use your attic as a spot to rest and leave during the night to go hunting.

Bats in the Attic
Bats in the Attic

Were you aware that Bats are the only mammal that can fly?

The most awful part about having bats sheet in your TX attic (beyond it simply being gross) is that those guys have nowhere to poop. That’s right! All that hazardous bat guano that can transmit histoplasmosis just drops straight onto your attic floor, or perhaps worse, your insulation.

San Antonio Animal Removal vs Extermination of Bats

Your first impulse might be, “We need to get rid of these bats!”, however let me tell you: treating a Texas bat problem like an insect control problem is a large mistake. These wild animals are not ants or termites. In San Antonio and all of TX, it is illegal to kill a bat like they are. They are a whole different species, and a bat infestation much different than a bug problem.

Bats are protected in most San Antonio and all of TX, so make sure you use a wildlife control specialist when managing a bat infestation. Removal of bats from your home or attic is a complex and potentially hazardous task!

Bat Exclusion in San Antonio
Bat Exclusion in San Antonio

Trapping is less than ideal for San Antonio bat removal since it’s challenging to properly catch them in your home attic like you would a rodent, raccoon, or a squirrel. Lethal trapping in Texas (TX) means you are removing a natural predator for mosquitos, flies, and various other annoying bugs around your home. No wildlife control operator will exterminate bats in San Antonio Texas (TX). 

Bat Removal in San Antonio 

The way our services use to get rid of any species of bat is via a technique called exclusion. As opposed to attempting to entice a bat right into a trap, the smartest thing to do is get it to leave (which they will do at night to go hunt) and never let it back in (which might be hard in the Winter, since there is no food to hunt for)! Sound crazy?

When customers call us with a bat problem in San Antonio, Texas, the first thing we do is figure out just how they got in. When we determine the entry points that they utilized to invade your attic, we establish one-way doors at those entry points. In this manner, when your bats go hunting at night, they are unable to come back in.

Here’s just how we take care of a bat exclusion project:

  1. Invest a LOT of time identifying each bat access hole into your home
  2. Establish one way doors at each access point
  3. Confirm that we’ve excluded every one of the bats in your attic
  4. Seal every one of the entrance points
  5. Clean all of the harmful bat guano in the attic utilizing safety devices
  6. Replace insulation (if required)
  7. Fix any type of interior or outdoor damage

Frequently asked questions about a Bat Infestation in the attic

Q. Should bats be a protected animal in San Antonio TX?

A. Absolutely! Even if you don’t love the idea of a bat in your home, bats are an important part of the environment in Texas. In just an hour, some species of bat can eat up to 1,200 bugs! in every month but those during the Winter. It would certainly be a dark day in San Antonio Texas if we lost all of our bats.

Bats are the second most common mammal (after rodents), and make up twenty percent of our planet’s mammal population.

Q. What is bat guano?

A. A big problem after a bat removal job in San Antonio is the scat left behind. Bat Guano is a different term for bat droppings. The droppings are small and can look similar to rodent droppings. Yet, don’t be deceived. If you shine a flash light on them after breaking the droppings apart (please use gloves!), you’ll see them shine or twinkle in the light.

Q. Is guano dangerous to human beings?

A. Be extremely mindful around bat guano (once more, gloves people!) as it can transmit a lethal fungal infection known as histoplasmosis. You can inhale it just by being anywhere near guano, so we truly advise you let a Texas wildlife control service with correct safety equipment manage an attic cleanup and handle the scat removal anywhere in TX.

Q. What Months can you conduct bat removal in TX?

A. An exclusion service in Texas should be conducted when bats are not raising young. Bats in a home attic tend to raise young between May and August. This means you can freely exclude bats during the Winter without much issue. Bats are often less active during the Winter, but feed regularly during the Spring and Autumn months, making it an easier time to conduct bat exclusion. 

Learn More about San Antonio Removal of Bats:

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