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A Raccoon living in your house is bad news for your attic. They can cause damage and ruin your insulation. And guess what? They don’t know how to use the plumbing, and they sure as heck aren’t going outdoors. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros are here to help you evict your raccoons, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Raccoon control and removal should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in the area. Call now for a consultation!

Jeremiah on a Cibolo roof with a trapped Raccoon.
Jeremiah on a Cibolo roof with a trapped Raccoon.

You may have noticed some pitter patter in the evening or at night coming from above. Or maybe you’ve been finding your trash strewn across the lawn in the morning. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s a good bet you have a family of raccoons living with you.

You might think them cute and charming with their furry masks and adorable waddle. Unfortunately, raccoons are as clever and opportunistic as they are messy. They know a good deal when they see one and will keep coming back unless measures are taken. And raccoons are sneaky little fellas who can cause damage to your house and make a toilet out of your attic.

Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons commonly use an attic to rear their young. The chances are even higher if it’s spring, as it is the prime season for the young to be born. You may even hear something like a trilling or cooing coming from the attic or the fireplace.

A raccoon in the attic may chew electrical wiring as well as damage the roof and other structures. They also take up residence under sheds, in hot tubs and outbuildings. A shed is normally elevated off the ground and is perfect for raising a family. If there is shelter they will seek it!

Jeremiah impressed by raccoon damage on a roof.
Jeremiah impressed by this raccoon damage on a roof.

Raccoon Waste

Raccoons don’t use plumbing, unfortunately. A family of raccoons living in an attic or crawlspace will defecate and urinate and contaminate the insulation. These droppings can be infected with raccoon roundworm and present a hazard to anyone touching them. Raccoon Roundworm disease is often fatal and normally affects small children who inadvertently ingest the droppings while in a yard or playground. Raccoons can also carry rabies, distemper and mange. These diseases can be transmitted to humans and to your pets. Make sure your pets have been vaccinated against these harmful and fatal diseases.

Raccoon Trapping and Removal

Pest raccoon control often begins with trapping and relocation. Trapping raccoons is necessary in most cases. We know how to get rid of a raccoon and have years of experience of removing them. Raccoon pest control is one of our specialties at AAAC Wildlife Removal.

Raccoon caught in Havahart trap just outside hole in roof
This raccoon got caught just outside its entry hole.

Cleanup, Repair and Seal Entry Points

Once your wildlife technician removes your raccoons, you need to make sure that new house guests can’t get in. The right fencing solution, chimney cap, or other barrier will keep this problem from happening again.

Our friendly AAAC Wildlife Removal specialists are qualified to make damage repairs and seal these entry points so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends making a repeat visit!

Fencing and Havahart traps strategically placed around a lawn.
We use a combination of strategies to catch your pest humanely.
Jeremiah & Lacey Crampton

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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